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Till-Riv WTM Line Dancin' Lila
D.O.B: 01/17/22

(Moonspots & Polled)

Sire: ELITE Springwater AL Wait That's Me +*B. 2nd place Jr. Get of Sire and 10th place Sr. Get of Sire at the 2021 ADGA National Show. 

     Sire's Sire: ELITE SG Sugar Moon NS Alejandro +*B. He has sired five SG does and many ELITE daughters. He has been on the ELITE Sire list from 2019-2022. 2nd place Sr. Get of Sire at the 2023 ADGA National Show. 
     Sire's Dam: SGCH Pholia Farm RD Meet Virginia VEEE 90 @5-05. She was ELITE from 2015-2018 and in 2017 was the top ten breed leader for butter fat and protein. At the 2015 national show she placed first in her class as a yearling FF. She was won 5X GCH, 6x RGCH, 4x BOB, and 1x BUOB.
Dam: R Serenity MB Sweet Tea 1*M VVVV 86 @4-03.

     Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm M Bold N +EV 85 @1-05.
     Dam's Dam: Tua Farms CMB Teana +VVV 86 @4-03.

Further Remarks

Show History / Accomplishments

June 2022 - NWODGA 3rd & 5th out of 8 as a senior doeling.
September 2022 - Oregon State Fair 5th out of 8 as a senior doeling. 

June 2023 - NWODGA 5th & 6th out of 30 as a dry yearling. 

DHI Records


Linear Appraisal 


Kidding History

Birth Date          Sire          Kid Details
3-7-24                Zipper      2D

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