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ELITE Leisure Time CP Mischievous
GGGG 81 @2-00
D.O.B: 07/23/21

(Blue Eyes) 19" tall


Sire: Leisure Time PD Copper Penny *B.  
     Sire's Sire: SG Castle Rock Penny Dreadful *B VEV 86 @3-03.
     Sire's Dam: SGCH Leisure Time TW Silver Joy 3*M EEEV 91 @5-00. She has won 2x BOB, 2x RGCH, and 14th place junior yearling at the 2015 ADGA National show.
Dam: ELITE SGCH Leisure Time TW Moondustmayhem 5*M VEEE 91 @4-03. She has won 2x BOB, 1 Best Udder, 1 RGCH, 3x GCH, and 12th place at the 2015 ADGA National show and 17th place at the 2019 ADGA National Show. She is a 9 time ELITE Doe.

     Dam's Sire: GCH Leisure Time CF The Works +*B VEE 89 @6-03. His daughters have won the Jr. get of sire at the Evergreen State Fair and the Washington State Fair. He has 2 SGCH daughters. 
     Dam's Dam: SG Pholia Farm Moonlaced Bydesign 4*M VEEV 89 @5-04.

Further Remarks

Show History / Accomplishments

August 2023 - 93rd percentile.

December 2023 - Made the ELITE List 95th percentile.

Linear Appraisal

2023- GGGG 81 @2-00

DHI Records

2023- 315DIM / 660M / 41F / 30P

Kidding History

Birth Date          Sire          Kid Details
1-18-23              Kenny      1B, 1D

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